Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


IUTOX Executive Committee Strategic Plan for 2010–2013

Vision Statement

Improving human health through the science and practice of toxicology world-wide.

Mission Statement

IUTOX achieves its vision by fostering international scientific cooperation for the global acquisition and utilization of knowledge in toxicology for the improvement of human health.


Recognizing the value of a multi-national, multicultural organization, IUTOX will work toward the following objectives:

  1. Provide an international platform and leadership to promote scientific cooperation and exchange in toxicology.
    • Organize with member societies, triennial international congresses (International Congress of Toxicology and Congress on Toxicology in Developing Countries) on toxicology to facilitate and encourage scientific exchange and leadership.
    • Explore additional formats such as blogs, Web sites, conference calls, and focussed workshops.
    • Collaborate in the development of the World Library of Toxicology
    • Facilitate meetings of national leaders in toxicology during major scientific meetings.

  3. Enhance opportunities for educational development and exchange in toxicology.
    • Support courses and lectures in developing countries and elsewhere.
    • Promote RASS, RAW and other international educational opportunities world-wide.
    • Identify sources, raise funds and award fellowships for international training and exchange programs.

  5. Broaden the geographic base of toxicology as a discipline.
    • Encourage diversity of toxicological disciplines in a region.
    • Provide a means for toxicologists in areas with limited numbers and resources to identify with the science.
    • Increase the number of member societies in a region.
    • Building capacity for toxicology in a country or region.

  7. Communicate the value of toxicology for improving human health. 
    • Identify partners to assist in achieving this objective.
    • Survey member societies to identify their efforts and share broadly.
    • Facilitate platforms for discussion among regulators, academics, stakeholders, private sector and public at large regarding toxicological issues.
  8. Strengthen organizational effectiveness.  
    • Refine and align structure to reflect vision statement, mission and objectives.
    • Reach out to other partners to provide for adequate funding of the organization and its activities.
    • Improve dialogue with member societies.